Mission 9

Fire-Ed Up Challenge

Mission 9 | Communicate

Share your solution

Communicate and share design solutions to key stakeholders.


What is “Communicate”?

This stage of the iSTEM engineering design process  requires students to unveil their solution. How will they best communicate the functions of the solution? In which medium will the communication take place? What are the key messages?

Mission Brief

Key Questions for Students to consider

  • Have all key stakeholders been informed throughout?
  • Who needs to see the solution(s)?
  • How can you best share or pitch the solution?
  • What enterprise and entrepreneurial skills are required to successfully market the solution?
  • What are the results of product and market testing?
  • Would the solution benefit a broader market? How could you reach this market

Possible Activities

  • Document all aspects of the engineering design process.
  • Pitch the solution.
  • Communicate evidence-based results to justify design decisions.
  • Communicate to key stakeholders using presentations, reports, and drawings.
  • Develop a communications and marketing plan

Suggested Learning Sequence – Mission 9

Our expert curriculum designers have developed a suggested Mission 9 learning sequence for teachers. The following is for the full set of Fire-Ed Up Challenge resources, however, teachers are encouraged to only use activities that are most suitable for their own class and school setting.

Sub Mission 1: Communication and Collaboration Watch Communication and the ‘Challenge of Collaboration‘ video by Carey Furze.

Sub Mission 2: Communicate  Provide students with this worksheet and get them to produce a final dimensioned orthogonal drawing. Students may wish to watch video tutorials from Glenny D.

Sub Mission 3: Pitching Provide students with ‘Pitching your Solution’ worksheets. Get students to watch ‘Pitching with Dr Scott Sleap‘ video. Using the second worksheet, get students to storyboard a pitch deck for their 90-second presentation.

Sub Mission 4: Communication – Instagram Provide students with this worksheet and discuss.

Sub Mission 5: Communication – Podcasting Provide students with this worksheet and discuss. 

Sub Mission 6: Scenarios Get students to watch the selected videos from their selected scenario to provide additional context for their project.

Downloadable Resources


In this worksheet, students learn about communication and produce a final concept drawing.

Download Worksheet >>>

Communication – Pitching

In this worksheet, students learn about pitching their concepts and making a pitch deck.

Download Worksheet >>>


Communication – Instagram

In this worksheet, students learn how to create and the tools required to create Instagram videos.

Download Worksheet >>>

Communication – Podcast

In this worksheet, students learn how to create and the tools required to create a podcast.

Download Worksheet >>>

All Scenarios – Resources

General background information for teachers and students to support challenge activities.

Learn about how El Niño forms and its effect on our weather. It’s all about air masses moving over our land and changing the likelihood of fire. (0:59 minutes)

Hazard reduction burning isn’t backburning, nor is it not a cure-all for preventing bushfires. So what exactly is it?  (2:51 minutes)

Scenario 1: New technologies driving bushfire innovations

Understanding bushfires is and predicting extreme fires and firestorms is an integral factor in protecting lives, our communities and the environment. (2:52 Minutes)

The UNSW Bushfire Research Group aims to improve understanding of bushfire processes and their relation to firefighter and community saf (0:50 Minutes)

Scenario 2: Strategies to protect human life & property.

Residents on the NSW south coast are being connected to their own electricity microgrid to protect their power supply. (2:304 Minutes)

Professor Allison Kealy from RMIT University covers 3 technlogies being used together for remote sensing. (10:52 Minutes)

Scenario 3: Safeguarding our precious fauna & flora.

Drones could soon be utilised to scatter seeds from the air as part of bushfire recovery efforts (1:29 Minutes)

Dr Michael-Shawn Fletcher from the University of Melbourne talks about cultural burning as a tool for bushfire management. (12:09 Minutes)

Fire-Ed Up

Due Date for 2023 Submission
November 24 at 11:59 AEST

Poster or 90-second video

Conclusion – November 24